11 January 2018


1985: Vecar Srl was founded in Pordenone

1994: Expansion on the regional territory and the birth of the Udine branch

1995: Rent srl is born, dedicated to the aerial platforms sector

2003: The regional borders are overcome with the birth of the Treviso branch.

2005: Opening of OMV Polska dealership in Poland

2006: Born in Romania Vecar OM Est

2007: Born in Serbia the Vecar Viljuskari dealership

2011: Opening of the Vecar Hungary dealership, in Hungary

2012: Vecar Ukraine LLC is born in Kyiv, Ukraine.

2017: TREVI SpA is acquired

Staff / Employees: 329 total of which:
179 in Italy
150 in Europe of which 74 in Polond, 45 in Romania, 21 employees in Serbia, 7 in Hungary and 3 in Ukraine.

2016 Revenue:
The total turnover of the group for the year 2016 exceeds 54 million euros, with forecast for 2017 of approximately 58 million euros.