Sustainability and the environment:
putting words into practice

Safeguarding the environment is a huge consideration for businesses: adopting sustainable corporate policy is fundamental to improve our daily lives and the lives of future generations. Rent, and the entire Vecar group has always focused on these issues, adopting a series of concrete actions aimed at minimising the environmental impacts of our business.
Forklifts: battery efficiency
and regeneration
Together with the Vecar group, we regenerate huge numbers of batteries, doubling their life cycle and further improving environmental impacts, producing less waste by reducing transport for new battery deliveries and therefore lowering particulate and CO2 emissions.
of distilled
water saved

Reduced water consumption

Respect for the environment can and must also be guaranteed with traditional technology. Batteries are available with a special configuration of elements that combined with a traditional rectifier decrease top-up regularity from once a week to once every four weeks. If a HIFI rectifier is added, this interval is reduced to once a month, and with insufflation, once every 13 weeks! Water is a precious commodity. Make the right choice!

High-performance battery chargers

Choosing the right charger is far more important than it seems. The charger affects various aspects of energy management:
  • Energy costs
  • Charging times
  • Battery life
  • Average useful life of battery
  • Maintenance costs
  • Environmental impact
saving on recharging
A properly configured rectifier using modern technology allows savings of up to 25% on recharging costs and over 50% on consumption of distilled water. Recharging a 48 V 600 ah battery (the most widely used) with a high-frequency rectifier means avoiding 675 kg of CO2 emissions each year, the same amount that a car would emit over 5000 km.